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15 Августа 2018

Big problems-big company. Ukrainian activists storm the office of the woodworking company Mondi.

On the eve of the day hundreds of young people picketed the office of the South African firm - Mondi. Mondi is known worldwide for its pulp mill worldwide. Ukrainian activists believe that exactly on factories of this company arrives virgin beech forest from the Carpathians.

It should be noted, that Mondi Group has been criticized around the world recently. For example in Romania, the company is blamed for the destruction of hundreds of hectares of national forests in Bucovina. On the Internet, in open access there is an information that Mondi pays WWF services, in order to ecologists closed their eyes on the catastrophic situation of the Romanian and Hungarian forests. Only in last year, the company's supervisors gave functionaries more than 100.000 €.

Students of Kyiv and Ternopil higher educational institutions have promised to with the Mondi's management in the popular style in Ukraine today - to catch and throw in a rubbish bin ...

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