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19 Февраля 2019

Chancellor on feet made of clay or the false-bottomed American presents

Uncle Sam prepares another present for Russia.

Chancellor on feet made of clay or the false-bottomed American presents

This time the candy is wrapped in famous in the whole world NGO-EIA. This pseudo charitable fund is being managed by Alexander Von Bismarck. Great-great-great grandson of German Chancellor. His personality is well known in Europe as well as in America. He has been saving kittens, floating on a raft, saving the trees- the positive acts are all around his portfolio. The only thing that is not there yet is a historical landing to the Moon. He is shining as an American cent just made at the monetary. Though, in fact, he is not worth a stiver.

The budget of EIA in 2016 - 5.422.226 $. And it is so only in US. The wage of the NY office is 5.242.226 $. Cent to cent. Good job, guys. They estimated their work highly enough. Charity donations have gone directly to the pockets of American grant eaters. London office keeps up with them as well.

The same story is with Japanese one. Donations - wages- zero reports. Very well known scheme of Sergey Mavrodi with his MMM. The main sponsor of American fraudsters - George Soros. We all know about his democratic views. And what a coincidence- all the investigations of EIA deal with republican businessmen and companies with republican ownership.

And now Bismarck decides to take a new height. He is looking for an office in Russia, hiring people, promising to save Russia. He didn't mention from whom and from what he is going to save it, though. He started it rather dashingly. Driving blue Bentley in Moscow, he stopped by some expensive musical shop at Neglinnaya street, bought the "Gibson" guitar and immediately claimed it to be made of the illegally cut tropical wood. And it is just the beginning...

The water in Russia is radiative, the food is spoiled, the air is just worse than ever. He made a couple of photos, a couple of claims on camera and flew away on a brand new Falkon. Thanks God his last name is Bismarck, not Carlson. Might be, he won't come back?

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