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19 Апреля 2018

Is Hillary Clinton the new U.S. Secretary of State?

Today in the American press statement circulated a former U.S. President Bill Clinton on his support for presidential candidate U.S. Democrats Barack Obama. In all the intricacies of American pre-race looks into a special correspondent for The Moscow Post.

Is Hillary Clinton the new U.S. Secretary of State?

Today, the American press has circulated a statement by former U.S. President Bill Clinton's support for Barack Obama. He made his eve, when he spoke with reporters after the funeral ceremony marking the tragedy on September 11, 2001.

Note that the statement was made at the joint conference of Clinton and Obama. Ex-president of the United States said that Barack Obama "wins the elections and win very ably." Obama, in turn, called on journalists to believe Bill Clinton and stated that ex-president "understands that something in politics."

The reaction of Republicans

Such a purely campaign speech Clinton and Obama, made by them after the funeral ceremony, led to sharp anger among supporters of the Republican Party who believe that the funeral ceremony - this is not the time for the pre-election campaign.

However, it appears that Democrats do not miss any opportunity to raise its rating. This is justified by the fact that the war Russia and Georgia, top McCain scored more than 50% and the top ahead of Obama.

As a result, a black senator was in the minority. Now he needs to win to make as much effort and tightening under their banners as much as possible supporters.

Clinton hurry to help!

It seems that as such supporters, Obama seriously decided to use the Clinton family. Recall that earlier it had already provided support, giving their votes, ex-first lady and ex-candidate for the post of U.S. President Hillary Clinton. Note that support its 18 million voters who voted for it confidently in praymariz, Obama will be very necessary in the final battle for the presidency of the United States with John McCain.

However, in order to Hillary shared with black senator their votes, he would provide her with something in substitutions.

Many experts believe that he could promise her chair United States Secretary of State. Hillary really can become an ideal successor Condoleezza Rice.

Hillary Clinton - the ideal U.S. Secretary of State

This is explained by many factors. First, it is well versed in the political climate within the United States. Secondly, she understands perfectly in foreign policy. And thirdly, it has great experience in the office of Senator from New York State. And fourthly, it is one of the most popular politicians in the United States.

We remind you that according to rumours, the same post she could promise and John McCain. Note that he has already made a statement that, if elected him for the presidency of the United States, he would take his misfortune in the Government "decent members" Democratic Party USA.

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