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26 Мая 2018

Czech PROtest

Yesterday, August 10, 2008, the Czech Government approved the contract on conditions of stay of American troops in the country (SOFA). In this regard, the country held massive protests. Today, Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in Warsaw for talks with the Polish side on the participation of the country's program to deploy missile defense. The problems introducing elements of the U.S. missile defense system in Eastern Europe pass special correspondents The Moscow Post from Warsaw and Prague.

Czech PROtest

Looking from Prague

Yesterday, Czech Defence Minister Vlasta Parkanova told journalists that the SOFA was approved by the Government of the Czech Republic. Note that the international agreement was signed between Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice still on 8 July. Now the Americans put on the Czech territory a large radar, designed to monitor airspace and prevent the threat of missile attack from rogue countries.

Note that most Czechs were against retracting their country in the American military draft. For this to implement the U.S. Secretary of State had to be tense negotiations with the Czech authorities.

Not less effort, however, the American administration had to spend and that stroptivyh persuade the Poles to deploy on its territory elements of missile defense.

Looking from Warsaw

Note that the Poles actively protesting against the deployment on the territory of their countries of American missile-interceptors. In addition Poles living in an area near the town Slupska Redzyakovo, where the U.S. plans missile type "Patriot" are going to protest over time, while construction would take place. This is because the missile part is located in the immediate vicinity of residential houses (20 kilometres - approx. The Moscow Post).

Russia is extremely outraged by the fact that U.S. radars and missile-interceptors would be placed in the immediate vicinity of their borders. Earlier, Russian military offered to share the Americans to track rogue nations radar in Azerbaijan. From there, according to most military experts, to monitor Iran and North Korea will be much more convenient than from the Czech Republic and Poland.

Looking from Moscow

However, the U.S. rejected the proposal of Russia, preferring to negotiate with Warsaw and Prague. Note that in order to obtain the consent of the Polish side took Washington Warsaw promise to convey a fairly sizeable sum of money for the modernization of the Polish army. Official authorities of the republic accepted the generous offer and ratified the treaty, bypassing a referendum, triggered mass protests than the civilian population.

Sergey Lavrov also condemned the actions of Warsaw and on this occasion made the following statement: "… in Warsaw the Russian side once again firmly pledged their continued negative stance regarding the decision to deploy missile defense components in Poland USA." According to the minister, in Moscow understands that this step will affect the global and European security. "

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