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20 Июня 2018

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One day with Yulia Tymoshenko

Yesterday morning at Ukraine Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Arseny Yatsenyuk formally announced the dissolution of "democratic coalition" pro-presidential parties, Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defense (NUNS) bloc and Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Toshenko (BYT). Already evening, Tymoshenko made a number of statements, which most experts have already dubbed election. On a new spiral of political crisis in Ukraine sends its own correspondent The Moscow Post from Kiev.

One day with Yulia Tymoshenko

Prior to the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Arseny Yatsenyuk formally announced the breakup of the coalition of democratic parties NUNS and BYT. "Orange" and were unable to agree among themselves. Supporters of President accused the Prime Minister's attempt to establish a pro-bloc, Tymoshenko's allies responded answer criticism of the "nationalist policies" of the incumbent. Especially this distinguished Ukrainian communists. They, among other things, demanded the resignation of the president.

Representatives of the largest in the Ukrainian Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovich is also criticized the policy of Viktor Yushchenko. They hoped to create a new strong coalition and start working constructively Verkhovna Rada.

Morning Tymoshenko

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is also hoped at the beginning of positive cooperation with their counterparts from the Ukrainian parliament. On this occasion, she made the following statement: "I believe that we can find mutual understanding in the Ukrainian parliament and create a model that did give Ukraine a sense that the squabbles stopped, and started a normal stable, our native Ukrainian life" .

However, not all Ukrainian politicians shared the view of the Prime Minister. For example, the President of Ukraine has repeatedly hinted that the opposition is preparing its violent overthrow. Apparently, it is on the Ukrainian prosecutor's office has been so caring about the health of Yushchenko, that actively resumed investigations on the cause of his poisoning.

Tymoshenko's Day

Between the fact itself «Iron Lady» Ukrainian politics totally rejects power solution to the conflict. In particular, she said: "I will never be a party to any military escalation."

In addition, Tymoshenko on behalf of its adherents and colleagues in the parliament that it intends to seek from their political opponents of the peace dialogue aimed at the positive development of the Verkhovna Rada. The Prime Minister made in this regard the following comments: "The collapse of the government and the collapse of the coalition - almost identical things. And no government and the prime minister can not work and strive to the collapse of the government. It is simply not logical."

Evening Tymoshenko

However, towards the evening, Tymoshenko with the conciliatory tone turned to aggressive promotional. Throughout the afternoon with her tongue fly suggestions, which most experts clearly appreciate how the election.

Among them, especially critical to the position of President is Tymoshenko's statement that the Ukrainian army will be professional: "We (the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc - approx. The Moscow Post) did want to convince the president, and for that we have a budget and everything to all, from 1 January to halt military service and switch to the contract army. " Recall that Yushchenko's position on this matter is diametrically opposite. Thus, according to President of Ukraine, the army of this country will never be able to go on a contractual basis.


That such populist statements indicate that the Yulia Tymoshenko seriously think about the presidential seat. In this regard it is noteworthy that many experts predicted that the power ambitions of Mrs. Tymoshenko will not help normalize the political situation in Ukraine, as well as any campaign is always accompanied by only escalation of political struggle.

However, in spite of everything, Yulia Tymoshenko, at this stage is the most popular Ukrainian politician who supports a quarter of the population. If this trend continues, the Tymoshenko has all chances to become the next president of Ukraine.

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