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23 Апреля 2018

World Dialogue

Today in Moscow held a round table to discuss issues related to past military conflict Russia and Georgia, as well as with the ensuing it very mixed reaction of world public opinion. It will chair the Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov, who returned from the eve of New York, where attended the opening 63 - third session of UN General Assembly. During the world tour heads of Russian Foreign Minister followed own The Moscow Post correspondents in New York and Moscow.

World Dialogue

Looking from New York

Yesterday happened one of the most important events in world politics - the opening of regular, already 63 - it upon expense, the UN General Assembly session. This time it was elected chairman Miguel d'Eskoto Brokmann, a group representing Latin America and the Caribbean.

Recall that former Foreign Minister of Nicaragua Brokmann famous for its eternal criticism of the United States. There, he retreated from this tradition and at yesterday's meeting. He was particularly criticized the U.S. for actions in Iraq.

"I am concerned, at least, the most important violation of (international law - approx. The Moscow Post). You know how many people have died in Iraq? How much? Organization .. British and American scientific journal, enjoying good reputation, saying that the today the deaths of more than one million 200 thousand was a direct consequence of the aggression and occupation (of Iraq - approx. The Moscow Post). I is not a small matter. I stress: their deaths - a direct consequence of aggression. They have not died of infections. They died - aggression, "- said the chairman of the UN General Assembly in his address to journalists.

With regard to the conflict between Russia and Georgia, because of the latest incursion into South Ossetia, Brokmann fully supported the position of Moscow. In particular, the new chairman of the UN General Assembly said that the invasion of Georgia in South Ossetia act of aggression and a violation of the UN Charter.

That is the question of the Georgian aggression in Tskhinval, not occurring without the participation of Western military advisers and a variety of sponsors was a key to discuss the Russian delegation.

View from Moscow

In particular, shortly before his speech to the General Assembly of the UN, Sergei Lavrov had harsh criticism active support for Saakashvili's regime by some NATO countries.

"Steps to improve relations with Georgia alliance, we can not consider otherwise, as encouraging Tbilisi to new adventures - said yesterday at a press conference Sergey Lavrov - We remember, as assured that the granting of Georgia so-called" intensified dialogue "will enable" more effective "work with Saakashvili, keep him from the irresponsible actions. What this has led - is common." In addition Lavrov added that "rather than draw serious conclusions about the failed attempts by force to allow Saakashvili long conflict, NATO has once again demonstrated his support for an expanded campaign of disinformation, given advances in rebuilding the country's military capabilities." Today, as many experts suggest, at the round table dedicated to ending the military conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia, Sergei Lavrov will reaffirm its criticism of the States supporting regime of Saakashvili.

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